Passion maybe a mere seven letter word. But then it holds within itself a powerful and compelling desire for something. Such is the case with Vivann Varghese. A shutterbug from the early days, his hobby turned into a driving passion later; which has yielded creations par excellence. A fine arts graduate from the renowned Chitra Kala Parishad in Bangalore, his flair for art and lights helped him exhibit his works right from the college days.

But what bought him fame and adulation was an unusual technique. His play with light and lens created the ‘Drawings Through Fire’– where electric images created by a lit candle moving in patterns in high speed inside a dark room are captured with a camera. In split second moves he produced images which were bright sparkles of gold and vermillion. His fascination for pictures in low light finally helped him compose images considered impossible.

After his tryst with breaking conventions, quite recently he forayed into field of commercial photography. He started out as a fashion photographer in fashion magazine and then moved on to advertising. It is this experience that has helped him in garnering recognition from the print and television media.

Over the years, Vivann has developed and showcased his own distinctive and unique style of capturing images. His desire to capture each image differently has placed him in a league of his own. Unfazed by trends, he has always shot images from his own perspective, even if it means working with basic and natural light.

Like they say, once a shutterbug, always a shutterbug. But then, very few move ahead from being just that and break conventions to pave their own path



International Color Awards- 1 Nomination


The Spider Awards- 1 Honorable Mention

The Spider Awards- 2 Nomination

International Color Awards- 3 Nomination



ND Awards 2019- 2 Honorable Mention

International Photography Awards (IPA) 2019- 1 Honorable Mention

Monovisions Photography Awards 2019- 1 Honorable Mention

The Spider Awards- 1 Nomination


Monochrome Photography Awards 2018- 4 Honorable Mention

International Color Awards- 1 Nomination

The Spider Award- 1 Nomination

Fine Art Photography Awards- 1 Nomination


Monochrome Photography Awards 2017- 1 Honorable Mention

ViewBug Food Photography 2017 & 2018-  Finalist

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